ℐngenting er skjult i natt

"kom bris bris, sett meg fri"

Greetings, visitors. Welcome to the land of fjords, midnight sun and enchantment, known also as the Kingdom of Norway. I do not think we have been introduced - refer to me as Sigurd Thorvaldsen, if you will. Make yourself at home, unless you are here to pry or blather, in which case I am inclined to fling you out in no time.

Kom bort og slå deg ned.


ugh sorry i didn’t have time to clean


Geiranger Fjord, Norway


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So I got bored and this is a resut of it.

I took a blank map of Europe and entered into Google (for example) “Danish people are…” and the recorded the first result. (I’m aware this has also been done before but holy shit, just look at some of these.)

It isn’t a wonder that most of the world hates us Americans. I’ll probably do a state version next.

I’m also aware that some of these are hard to read. Sorry about that. I wanted to include every country considered part of Europe.


In 1952 the Olympic Winter Games were held in Stein Eriksen’s hometown of Olso, Norway, the birthplace of modern skiing. At the age of 24 Stein was the first alpine skier from outside the Alps to earn a gold medal. Despite a near fall that would have resulted in disqualification, Stein won the gold in the men’s giant slalom by 1.9 seconds.

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